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same old songs on a brand new stereo

22 November
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I was never faithful
And I was never one to trust
Bordelining schizo
And guaranteed to cause a fuss

I was never loyal
Except to my own pleasure zone
I'm forever black-eyed
A product of a broken home

was never grateful
That's why I spent my days alone
I'm forever black-eyed
A product of a broken home
Broken home

80's clubs, a clockwork orange, a static lullaby, adult swim, al green, alexisonfire, american psycho, amélie, aqua teen hunger force, at the drive-in, back to the future, bjork, black heart procession, blackstar, blindside, bowling for columbine, brad pitt, bret easton ellis, canada, catcher in the rye, chevelle, chicago, chuck palahniuk, chuck taylors, coheed and cambria, conan o'brien, crayola, cross country, dancing, dave chappelle, deftones, del the funky homosapien, denali, disney channel, division of laura lee, eddie izzard, embraced, enon, exploding dog, eyeliner, far, fight club, finger eleven, freaks and geeks, funeral for a friend, glassjaw, guster, harold and maude, helmet, high and mighty, home movies, hot hot heat, hugs, i love lucy, izod lacoste, j.d. salinger, jack in the box, jim gaffigan, john cusack, kevin spacey, kids in the hall, kombi, legos, les savy fav, lostprophets, loudermilk, lucky boys confusion, mandy moore, marvin gaye, mates of state, mc5, microbus, mindless self indulgence, minibus, mission hill, monty python, movies, my chemical romance, nail polish, new end original, office space, okgo, onelinedrawing, orange, peacoat boy, pharoahe monch, placebo, plain white t's, pretty girls make graves, primal scream, radio 4, rawkus, refused, rilo kiley, run lola run, saturday night live, saved by the bell, scrubs, sealab 2021, seinfeld, short hair on girls, silverhawks, sleeping, smut peddlers, snl, socialism, sparta, sports night, strangers with candy, stutterfly, sunflower seeds, sunny day real estate, superdrag, survivor, sweden, swingers, taking back sunday, tatu, tenacious d, the (international) noise conspiracy, the blood brothers, the datsuns, the explosion, the faint, the kinison, the liars, the living end, the mars volta, the rapture, the sounds, the usual suspects, the white stripes, thrift stores, tool, toronto, vespas, vikings, vintage, volkswagen, von bondies, vue, wet hot american summer, y tu mama tambien, yeah yeah yeahs, zebrahead,